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Since our foundation in 1999, we have established ourselves as a leading consultancy in this field. We have shared our extensive expertise with over 200 solution providers, governments and invoice issuers and recipients from more than 50 countries, helping them to succeed in the ever-changing world of digital invoicing.

The e-invoicing market is currently experiencing strong growth. In 2020, around 110 billion e-invoices were issued worldwide, and the trend is rising. But the potential is far from exhausted. The market will change completely in the coming years and companies should act now to strengthen their position.

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M&A strategy

It is estimated that there are currently already more than 700 providers of electronic invoicing services - in Europe alone. Due to the increasing obligation to send and receive electronic invoices in many countries, these numbers are growing almost daily. With an estimated market volume of several billion euros, e-invoicing is one of the most attractive and dynamic markets of all.

This means that market consolidation is inevitable. If you are looking to buy or sell a company in the e-invoicing sector, we are your ideal partner. With its comprehensive know-how of globally active service providers, billentis is predestined to accompany this process. billentis supports both service providers and private equity or venture capital companies in the selection of suitable providers through to successful post-merger integration.

Consulting services

The increasing complexity of the e-invoicing market is making it increasingly difficult for market participants to define the right solutions and positioning for themselves. Which technologies are relevant? Which model can I use to increase VAT revenue? How do I adapt my EDI solution to future requirements? Which provider do I choose?

Our extensive consulting expertise spans several areas, including strategy consulting for service providers, consulting on e-invoicing models for governments and vendor selection for businesses. In the increasingly complex market environment for electronic invoicing and tax compliance, we lay the fundation for our clients to make future-oriented and practical decisions.

Market analysis and report

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Our experts continuously monitor and analyze the development of the market volume, including the number of e-invoices worldwide. We understand the global e-invoicing requirements and can help you turn this information into valuable insights for your business.

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Discover the future of e-invoicing and Integrated Digital Trade with "The Global E-Invoicing and Tax Compliance Report: Watch the Tornado!" Authored by industry visionaries Marcus Laube and Bruno Koch, this essential guide provides a cutting-edge analysis of the e-invoicing landscape, revealing how technological innovations and regulatory demands are reshaping the world of digital trade. As the volume of electronically processed invoices is set to skyrocket, our timely report empowers both users and solution providers with the insights needed to stay ahead and already prepare today.

Dive deep into the dynamics of e-invoicing and integrated digital trade—key drivers of efficiency, compliance, and competitiveness in the global market. Don't just keep pace with change—master it. Equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate and thrive in the evolving digital trade arena. "Watch the Tornado" is your indispensable resource for understanding and adapting to the rapidly advancing world of e-invoicing.

About Us

Bruno Koch and Marcus Laube are the two e-Invoicing pioneers from the very beginning. Since 1998, Bruno Koch has developed billentis into the leading global consultancy for e-Invoicing and tax compliance. During the same period, Marcus Laube has built up and managed various globally active service providers and is still active today as Co-Chair of the global e-Invoicing association GENA. Both were also involved in various e-invoicing committees such as those of the European Commission. Marcus Laube has now taken over billentis as owner, while Bruno Koch is still providing support during the transition phase.

At billentis, we are therefore proud to offer our customers this globally unique expertise with over 50 years of combined e-Invoicing experience. Contact us today to find out how we can support you with the challenges ahead. We look forward to working with you and creating success stories together.


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