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eBilling - electronic invoicing

eBilling / electronic invoicing is currently taking markets by storm. Also often referred to as e-Invoicing, it ultimately aims at reducing current costs of at least Euro 10 for bill issuers and recipients alike by 60-70%. Paper bills are replaced by electronic bills. Private individuals can view them, for example, on the online banking portal and easily authorize them for payment at a press of a button. Companies download them from the billing portal and are able to automatically import them to their accounts payable application and archive them electronically in accordance with statutory requirements.

Europe’s annual volume of bills amounts to over 40 billion. In 2021, as many as approx. 14 billion paperless bills will likely be sent out through eBilling and electronic invoicing systems. The staff at Billentis have been working in this field since 1997 and in Europe are considered to be experts in this field. Many publications on this topic are available for downloading. You, too can benefit from Billentis’ expertise. Contact us now.


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